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Caregiver's Corner: Living Self-Care

Does a guilty or shameful feeling ever bubble up inside you at the words ‘self-care?’ I often ask my clients about their relationship with self-care. What usually follows is a glassed-over look as the quiet word ‘nothing’ whispers from their lips. Guilt and shame are stuck all over ‘self-care.’ I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so. You do not have to feel guilty or shameful any longer.

Developing Resilience: Tools for Caregiving in the New Year

By growing stronger through difficult situations, we are able to discover joy and bring our best selves to those we care for and our communities.

Personal Health Advocacy: Communicating with Our Health Providers

This class will help us develop the strategies and tools we need to be our own health advocates.

Stress, Holidays and Depression: Tips for Coping All Year Around

Learn abou how to recognize signs of depression and anxiety, and be better prepared to handle the stress of the busy holiday season while caregiving.

Hope and Healing After Loss

While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain...

Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing Emotions and Learning How to Understand Them

Join us for a stimulating and thought provoking session as we learn about the fascinating field of emotional intelligence.

"It's About the Conversation": Advance Care Planning

Who would speak for you if you could not speak for yourself? Learn more about Advance Care Planning.

Dementia: What One Needs to Know to Care for the One They Love

Caring for a person with dementia is not easy and the demands of the job are constantly changing. Learn how to create meaningful experiences with a person who has dementia.

Therapeutic Services for Older Adults

Learn from local experts about the benefits of and making alternative therapies a part of your loved one's treatment plan.

Making It Easier: Technology for Seniors & Caregivers

Learn about ways technology can help seniors live more independently and help caregivers manage the daily tasks of caring for a loved one.

Elder Law 101: Planning for Our Future & Protecting Our Interests

Do you have an advance directive, durable medical power of attorney or will prepared? Come learn about the importance of completing these documents.

Family Caregiver University's Spring Calendar

The Spring Calendar for the Family Caregiver University is now available!

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Support and Information Available

Come and learn about available resources and tips to help you raising a young person.

Empathy: What is it? Can it be learned?

Learn how having empathy for others increases our understanding and helps us provide better support to the ones we love.

Community Resources A-Z part 1

Learn about services available to help seniors remain independent.

Community Resources A-Z part 2

In Community Resources part 2 learn about transitioning into a long term care or nursing facility.

Holiday Gifts for Caregivers

Holiday gifts for the caregivers in your life.

Have I Got a Story to Tell You!: The Power of Life Review

If you have had a story, you have had a life! Come and listen to the common life lessons, thoughts and feelings that wind through our collective lives.

Caring for Diverse Communities At End of Life

Hear from community representatives as they discuss their community’s cultural uniqueness as it pertains to making decisions for end of life.

Caregiver Self-Care Classes

Classes will include lecture, small group discussion, and time for personal planning. Each Caregiver will also receive a workbook to take home. Lunch provided.

My West Michigan Interview- Support for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19

Family Caregiver University provides practical education and support to caregivers in West Michigan, one class at a time. With the current coronavirus crisis we realize this support is now more important than ever, therefore we are taking our next class offerings virtual!