End of Life Care

How can hospice care help individuals and their families at end of life? What are some of the common misunderstandings about hospice care? What are some of the decisions that families are faced to make when one of their members is faced with a life limiting illness Are there some things folks can do to help prepare and therefore make that end of life process a little bit easier? What is one of the biggest challenges that a person facing the end of his or her life must meet? What does a person or family need to do if they are interested in hospice care? How does pain and symptom management especially at the end of life contribute to health and well being for caregivers? Aren't all health care professionals well versed in pain and symptom management related to end of life care? Can the crisis of stress filled decision making during the end stages of terminal illness or when it is the right time for end of life care be lessened? What kinds of things can caregivers do to establish and sustain their own health and wellness during this crucial time of their loved one's illness? When should one consider having discussion with family and loved one's regarding what I would like for end of life care? Who should be included in the conversation? What is hospice care and how do I know when it is time for it? Once I choose hospice care how do I know the members of the health care industry aren't just giving up on me and/or not giving me the best care available? How do I know how to make the best and the right decisions about the kind of care I need and who should provide that care?

Episode: 9
Duration: 28:04