Caregiver's Corner

Understanding Options to Maintain Independence


Many people might think about getting older and what the future might hold for them, and there are different perspectives on how to view this topic. One common theme is that individuals would like to remain as independent as possible...

Personal Health Advocacy: How to tell your health care team what matters most to you!


A key part of every health care encounter is letting your health care team know what matters most to you. For most of us, our best advocate will be ourselves or someone who knows us very well.

New Year's Resolutions to Build Your Resiliency


As the New Year approaches, consider making a resolution to increase your ability to handle life’s challenges more effectively. Enhancing these skills will help you feel more self-confident and be more competent when life is hard.

Caregiver's Corner: 8 Mindfulness Tips during the Holidays


The holiday season can be a stressful time—whether you are dealing with family or mingling at work holiday parties. Try these mindfulness strategies to reduce stress and bring a calm and attentive approach to your holiday this year.

Caregiver's Corner: Living Self-Care


Does a guilty or shameful feeling ever bubble up inside you at the words ‘self-care?’ I often ask my clients about their relationship with self-care. What usually follows is a glassed-over look as the quiet word ‘nothing’ whispers from their lips. Guilt and shame are stuck all over ‘self-care.’ I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so. You do not have to feel guilty or shameful any longer.

Caregiver's Corner: Long Term Care Options


Exploring different long-term care options available in our community