Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety in the elderly is often thought to be a normal part of aging. Why is this thought process false? Why is it important that an older adult's depression and anxiety be identified and treated ? What should a caregiver look for that may indicate their loved one has depression or anxiety? What should I do if I think my loved one is experiencing some level of depression or anxiety? In observing a loved one, what actions or behavior might signal a serious depression or anxiety that requires immediate seeking of help on the part of the caregiver? (risk for suicide) What if my loved one denies that he/she may be experiencing depression or anxiety? Or refuses to speak to a professional, including his/her primary medical care provider? What type of treatment is available for depression and anxiety? What can I do help my loved one? What do I look for in myself as a caregiver that may mean I have some depression or anxiety? What can I do to help myself if I think that depression or anxiety may be present in me?

Episode: 31
Duration: 28:35