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Enhancing the Lives of Seniors and Caregivers Through Technology


Caregiver's Corner: Living Self-Care


Does a guilty or shameful feeling ever bubble up inside you at the words ‘self-care?’ I often ask my clients about their relationship with self-care. What usually follows is a glassed-over look as the quiet word ‘nothing’ whispers from their lips. Guilt and shame are stuck all over ‘self-care.’ I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so. You do not have to feel guilty or shameful any longer.

Smart Home Technology

Episode: 46
Duration: 29:32

A Daughter's Journey

Episode: 45
Duration: 29:32

Cultural Diversity and Caregiving

Episode: 42
Duration: 28:34

Grandchildren as Caregivers

Episode: 41
Duration: 28:40

Conflict Resolution for Family Caregivers

Episode: 38
Duration: 28:37

Baby Boomers and Caregiving

Episode: 37
Duration: 28:35

Veterans Benefits Issues

Episode: 35
Duration: 28:39

Huntington's Disease

Episode: 33
Duration: 28:34

Depression and Anxiety

Episode: 31
Duration: 28:35

Healthy Living Strategies

Episode: 30
Duration: 28:33

Hoarding and How to Organize Your Life

Episode: 29
Duration: 28:32

Long Distance Caregiving

Episode: 15
Duration: 29:05

Critical Issues for Caregivers

Episode: 13
Duration: 28:27

Long-Term Care

Episode: 12
Duration: 28:16

Mental Health Issues

Episode: 11
Duration: 28:30

End of Life Care

Episode: 9
Duration: 28:04

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