Long-Term Care

I have a list of facilities in my area, what do I do now? What questions should I ask nursing home/assisted living staff when my loved one and I are looking into a nursing home/assisted living? The facility in which my loved one would like to go does not have any openings. What now? I don't think my loved one can afford a facility now, or will not be able to afford a facility for very long. What are our options? My loved one does not want to go to a facility, do we have any other choices? I am "burned out" as a caregiver, what can I do? What are the differences between nursing homes and "assisted living"? How do we know what to look for in a good nursing home or assisted living? Where can we find out more about choices in our area? How do we learn about past performance of a nursing home and its staff? Who do we turn to if there are problems in the long term care facility we have chosen? Who can make decisions for our loved one with dementia? What do we do if our loved ones are asked to leave a facility on short notice because of behaviors or insurance problems?

Episode: 12
Duration: 28:16