Veterans Benefits Issues

What Veteran services are available and how are they organized (divided by governmental level - federal, state and county)? What is the VA Caregiver Support Program? When did the VA Caregiver Support Program begin? What resources (websites, 800 numbers) are available to caregivers through the VA? What caregiver benefits are available to any Veteran who requires a caregiver? What in-home and community services are available to Veterans? What are the requirements for these benefits and services? Are there any unique caregiver benefits for Veterans who have been injured in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are there education and training opportunities for caregivers of Veterans? Who are the Caregiver Support Coordinators connected with the Battle Creek VA Health System? What is the bottom line with regard to Veteran services? Hospice Myths and Realities - many myths and misunderstandings about hospice care are explored.

Episode: 35
Duration: 28:39