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Elders' Helpers

<p>Elders' Helpers serves Kent, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, and Newaygo counties, providing home health care services to their diverse and growing populations. Elder's Helpers have no minimum hourly requirements, and provide health care services up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rates for Elder's Helpers start at $19.00 an hour - days, nights, or weekends. Elders Helpers’ goal is to treat every client with compassion, respect, and dignity. Elders' Helpers is dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life for our clients by providing a vast array of services. Elder's Helpers is able to serve clients in their homes or an assisted living facilities, whether you need minimal care or extensive care.</p>

Caregiver's Corner: Understanding Options to Maintain Independence

One of the greatest fears people have as they age is the loss of independence. In fact, many people assume that eventually their independence will be lost and they will end up in long term care. Unfortunately, as a result, many people do not seek help until they are in a crisis. This does not have to happen. Needing assistance does not mean losing independence. There are a number of resources and services available to help older adults age in place.

Caregiver's Corner: Transitioning to Long-Term Care

Long-term care is not always a favorite topic for people to discuss; however, it is a topic that does arise in people’s lives, sometimes planned and sometimes unexpectedly. Long-term care may be an option for individuals when they begin to need more help on a daily basis due to a disability or chronic illness. Long-term care can include a variety of services, such as personal care, medication management, meals, homemaking, and around-the-clock supervision. The type of services and the amount of care that are offered may vary from person to person, based on each individual’s unique needs. Before pursuing “long-term care,” it is important for individuals to have an understanding of the different kinds of care offered so they can be prepared in planning for the next situation ahead of them.