Professional Caregiving

What is a professional caregiver and how does that differ from other types of caregivers? How do I know that it safe for a professional caregiver to come into my home? What can be done to insure that my loved one is cared for in the same manner that I would do it myself? How can I be involved in the selection process of who comes into my home? How are professional caregivers trained? What happens if I don't like my professional caregiver? What type of financial arrangements for services should be entered into with a professional caregiver? What are the advantages of utilizing the support of a professional caregiver? What types of support can a professional caregiver provide? What types of schedules might a professional caregiver work? How do I begin looking for a professional caregiver? What are the advantages/disadvantages of hiring a caregiver privately vs going through an agency? How are professional caregivers supervised? What types of services can professional caregivers offer? What other options are there to having someone come to the home? What types of communication can I expect or put into effect so I know what is going on? What kind of information resources are available to help families sort out caregiving issues? What other products/systems are helpful to maintaining someone safely at home? What can a caregiver do to take better care of themselves? What about backup plans? What are some of the legal issues related to caregiving?

Episode: 10
Duration: 28:39