Legal and Financial Issues

What are some of the financial issues of being a caregiver? In what ways do caregivers lose money as caregivers? What is the ideal way to address financial issues? What roles will the children take? Share in costs? Do the books? Invest the assets? Preserve their possible future inheritance? Legal Issues For Caregivers and those Whom they Serve What legal documents should the Caregiver make sure the person entrusted to their care (the "Client") has in place for their own protection? What is a Guardianship and Conservatorship and when might the Caregiver need to obtain one for the benefit of the client? What is a Caregiver Contract and when might a Caregiver or Client want that in place? What private and government benefits options should the Caregiver and Client be aware of in connection with paying for long term care? What other suggestions do you have for Caregivers and their Clients?

Episode: 6
Duration: 27:55