Home Adaptation for Caregiving

What do you mean by home adaptation How can products and adaptations to my home make it easier for my every day activities as a caregiver So adaptations and techniques to help a person be more independent and safe can also benefit the caregiver? Where do I start - how do I prepare my home? Who do I go to for ideas that will work for my home and person I'm caring for? I don't want a lot of changes to my home and I think that fewer changes will be less confusing for the person I'm caring for- how do I keep it simple but useful? What is Universal design and benefits from it? What are the most common obstacles or barriers in homes? What are some common home modifications that can be done to make a person more independent/safe in their own home? What are some examples of adaptive equipment used in the home to help an individual be more independent/safe? Why would Universal Design be good for someone without a disability? Where can I get some of these products? These sound like some practical ideas but how can I afford these products or changes?

Episode: 24
Duration: 28:47