Holistic Caregiving

What is the holistic approach? How can the holistic approach be applied toward caregiving? What types of activities can be considered holistic? The holistic approach recognizes the connection between the mind, body, and soul, or spirit. Which activities can be done by caregivers at home to stimulate the mind? How can caregivers find ways to activate their loved ones body at home? How can caregivers at home keep their loved ones active in stimulating their spirit, or soul? Is nutrition involved in the holistic approach, and if so how can caregivers make sure they are providing their loved ones with a balanced diet? Are there any environmental concerns with applying a holistic caregiving strategy? You mentioned Pet Therapy and Music Therapy, are there any other types of therapies that may be included as part of the holistic approach? We have discussed how to provide a holistic approach to caregiving; are there ways the caregiver can make sure they themselves are living a holistic life?

Episode: 18
Duration: 28:22