Hearing and Vision Loss

What are some of the challenges people face when losing sight? How do friends and family figure in the picture when you work with a visually impaired client? What are typical or common responses to loss of sight? Responses of the blind person, and of the friend or family member? What is most helpful in supporting a person experiencing loss of sight/ What is found to be unhelpful or even harmful in relating to, helping or dealing with a blind person, or person facing loss of sight? Are there things that friends and family need to bear in mind about themselves when attempting to support or adjust to the loss of sight of a loved one? What types of services are available in most communities, and where can someone turn for help? How does it work having sighted people work with the blind community as experts on teaching the blind? How do you know if your work with a blind person is successful? What programs, training or activities for the blind would surprise the general public? What is worse, loss of mobility, sight, or hearing? What is worse, or better, gradual loss of sight, sudden loss of sight, or congenital blindness? Isn't it depressing working with blind people all the time, since they can't enjoy so much of what gives people pleasure? What are the causes of hearing loss? Can hearing loss be corrected medically or surgically? I see a lot of ads for hearing aids. Do they all work the same? Why are hearing aids so expensive? Can I do anything to protect my hearing? What are the consequences of not correcting my hearing loss? How does my hearing loss affect family members, co-workers and others? What other types of technology can assist my hearing loss? Are there any support groups on the internet that will help me?

Episode: 14
Duration: 29:29