Chronic Disease Management

What is the difference between acute and chronic conditions? How prevalent are chronic conditions among older adults? In your opinion, what is the number one thing anyone living with a chronic condition should know? How can caregivers stay engaged in their interests? What can caregivers do to help those they care for in terms of chronic conditions? Tell us more about the chronic disease self management program developed at Stanford University? What techniques to people learn in the Chronic Disease Self Management Program? How can caregivers benefit from the CDSMP? How can someone find out if there are CDSMP programs offered in their area? What role does staying active play in caregiving and in chronic illness? How do you define a chronic disease? What is the prevalence of chronic diseases in the community? What are the important factors for patients and their families/caregivers to be aware of when managing their chronic illness? Is it expected that the patient's condition will deteriorate when faced with a chronic condition? How can the caregiver support the patient with a chronic condition? How does the patient/caregiver know that the patient is receiving the best evidence based care?

Episode: 16
Duration: 28:56