Caregiver's Corner: Words to Live By

We are all trying to navigate the journey through life. On this journey, it is easy to get stuck in a rut, or worse yet, fall down a hole with not a readily visible way out.

Understanding Options to Maintain Independence

Understanding Options to Maintain Independence

Caregiver's Corner: Long Term Care Options

Long-term care may be an option for individuals when they begin to need more help on a daily basis due to a disability or chronic illness. Long-term care can include a variety of services, such as personal care, medication management, meals, and homemaking.

Caregiver's Corner: Be Not Alone in the Dementia Journey

My wish for every person living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia is not to be alone in the journey. 

Caregiver's Corner: Diagnosed with a Serious Illness: Now What?! Tips on living well with serious illness

Modern medicine has changed our life expectancy from 70 in 1960 to just under 79 in 2019 (now under 78 due to COVID-19) [1]. Compare this to an average of 47 in 1890! With increasing age comes increased opportunity, but it also means we are living longer with chronic conditions that would have meant our end in earlier years.

Caregiver's Corner: Putting the Red Light on Driving: How to have a conversation about driving with your loved one

I think we all remember how it first felt at 16 to get behind the wheel after getting your license. Driving a car represents independence and accessible escapism. But age and declining health often abruptly slam the brakes on that freedom.

Tips for Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe

Keeping our aging parents safe often means making changes to their lives as well as ours. Most seniors strive to remain independent as they get older, but they eventually need more assistance, especially around the house. Presented below by the Caregiver Resource Network, here are some steps you can take to help your senior loved ones as they age.

Jerry O'Bee Service Excellence Awards Nominations Now Open!

In 2011, the Jerry O’Bee Service Excellence Award was established as a way to honor Jerry O’Bee for his efforts in advocating for caregivers in West Michigan, and as an ongoing way to annually recognize CRN members who demonstrate a similar commitment to excellence in serving seniors and their family caregivers within the community.

Solutions for Living with COPD

(By Dick “Hempie” Dallett) I was diagnosed with COPD five years ago. Along the way, I have developed ways to cope with this disease that have increased my longevity and the daily quality of my life. I’d like to share them with others, with you.

Transitioning to Long-Term Care: How to Make the Right Choice

You have delayed as long as possible. Not only have taken time away from work, but you have also taken turns with family members to provide care to keep your loved one safe. There is not enough time or enough skill, and possibly the stress is breaking down relationships. It started out as a thought but now it is a reality. It is time to consider assisted living. but how do you know what to pick to best suit your loved one’s needs?