The Use of New Technology in Caregiving

What role does technology currently play in caregiving, and how is this role evolving? What are the benefits of medical alarms? Do medical alarms work with all phone systems? What should I know about purchasing a help button? What happens if I cannot answer the machine? Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for help button systems? What if an elder is resistant to having a help button? Why are they so stubborn? Can I use a help button if I want to leave my home and go to the grocery store? What are the benefits of medication dispensers? How has the internet impacted medical alarms? Technology only works if people are able to use it user friendly is the current technology? How does a professional, such as yourself, help people to overcome their anxieties related to use of technology? What are the newest developments in medical alarm technology? How and where can people access information on availability of these types of assistive technologies within their community nationally?

Episode: 28
Duration: 28:36