Death, Dying and Bereavement

Talk about societal taboos about death and the fact that we are a death-denying society What is the all American way to die...and how does this contrast to the way that most people die in our Country? Discuss problems/issues with "dying" within the traditional medical model and contrast them with the hospice philosophy/model What is palliative care and how does this relate to hospice it exclusively used within hospice care? How might different staging models be used to assist in helping those who are dying through the process? Can these same models help us to understand and assist those who are grieving? Is the average American taught about death, dying, and bereavement? Are all doctors, nurses, clergy and other key individuals given proper training on how to deal with these issues? What is anticipatory grief...How can this be beneficial? Discuss the need for humans to grieve all forms of loss (not only the death of someone close to them) What resources exist to help those who are dying as well as those who are grieving?

Episode: 27
Duration: 28:42