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CRN Supports the Kent County Senior Millage

The Kent County Senior Millage serves 17,000 people a year with 43 different services that help them live independently in their home. The variety of services range from health promotion programs, transportation and volunteer opportunities for the more active senior to in-home services for the more frail. The millage services are a benefit to Kent County residents 60 years of age and over and their caregivers.

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Kent County Senior Millage Services

In 2014 there are 45 unique Kent County Senior Millage services. Services include healthy aging programs, home delivered meals, legal services, prescription assistance, transportation and weatherization.


Which CRN agency provides the service that I want?

Download this PDF to find the CRN's 2014 Service Matrix. You can see what services each agency provides and quickly see all of the agencies that offer the service you're looking for!

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